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The owners manage Cedar Hollow @ The Oaks with a strong commitment to the environment as well as philanthropy. We view ourselves as custodians of this land for future generations and believe strongly in opening up private land to the benefit of the broader community sustainably and to encourage people to take more staycations and opening up opportunities in the local economy.

Tree Management

We work with a tree surgeon and full time gardener to monitor the flora and fauna on our 12 acre estate. Good stewardship of the estate includes the planting of native species of trees, developing wildlife habitats and minimising our environmental impact.. We have planted over 50 trees since we have taken ownership of the property and continue to have an active annual tree planting program.

HoneyBees    & Our Orchard

Pollination services provided by bees are critical for both ecosystem function and crop production. 90% of our food around the planet depends on bees for pollination. As members of the British Beekeepers Association, we are committed to supporting the environment, biodiversity, sustainability and quality of life. We maintain 5 beehives on site and only extract a small amount of the honey in keeping with modern sustainability methods. We also maintain a beautiful orchard of fruit and nut trees nearby - the ideal environment for our honey!

Minimising Energy Usage

Our swimming pool currently uses air source heat pumps to heat the water. This on average utilises 3 times less energy than without the heat pumps. We are currently exploring the addition of ground source heat pumps as well.

Water Management

We are moving to using our own well water filtration system to minimise our use of mains water.

Shotover Park Clean up campaign

We run an annual litter picking campaign in Shotover Woods in honour of Captain Tom's 100 challenge. 100 free crepes exchanged each for a bag of litter picked up from the woods. Click here to see photos.

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If you have any queries on our sustainability policy, feel free to reach out.

+44 75 11 22 33 75

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