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Private Woodland Jacuzzi


Reducing stress is all about quieting your mind and letting relaxation take over.


Hydromassage jets can help work out the tension that manifests itself in physical form. When combined with deep breathing and a calm setting, hydrotherapy can be your stress-free haven.


Private Relaxing Woodland Sauna

Come enjoy time in our bastu - a traditional Swedish sauna room filled with dry heat overlooking our beautiful Narnia woodland landscape.

An entirely wooden interior (with a glass side), sauna rooms have multiple health benefits - including improved circulation, weight loss, detoxification, pain relief and skin purification.

Private Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is kept at a healthy 28/29 degrees. The perfect temperature whether you want to wade about with your family or whether you want to do lengths.

Please note that the swimming pool is shared with the owners and therefore must be booked using our app to ensure you have private use of it.

Spa woman. Female enjoying relaxing back
Massage & Beauty Treatments

Convert your rental into your own romantic spa. With massage table, oils, lighting and music. 

We recommend the following Oxford based mobile masseuse:

The Belvedere Pamper Company

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