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Single Source Raw Unfiltered Honey

Our hyper-local honey is harvested from our backyard hives where our bees forage from the local plants and native flowers. Giving it deep golden floral notes from our garden and surrounding hill. Raw and unfiltered, with all the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties from propolis and pollen.

HoneyBees    & Our Orchard

Pollination services provided by bees are critical for both ecosystem function and crop production. 90% of our food around the planet depends on bees for pollination. As members of the British Beekeepers Association, we are committed to supporting the environment, biodiversity, sustainability and quality of life. We maintain 5 beehives on site and only extract a small amount of the honey in keeping with modern sustainability methods. We also maintain a beautiful orchard of fruit and nut trees nearby - the ideal environment for our honey!

Honey Crystallisation

Crystallization, also known as granulation, is a natural process that occurs in honey and contributes to its preservation. Therefore, it is not a sign of deterioration. Honey is a highly saturated sugar solution from which glucose crystallizes over time. Depending on the nectar from which honey is produced, some types crystallize faster than others.​

Crystallisation Prevention

If honey is stored in the refrigerator, it will crystallize faster. Ideally, honey should be stored at room temperature in a dry, airtight container, such as our glass jar. Avoid contaminating honey with wet spoons, bread or crumbs etc.

What to do if your honey crystallises? Is it spoiled?

No, crystallization is a natural process and it is a sign that honey is natural and was not pre-processed through the addition of additives or fermentation.


The crystallization can be reversed by gentle heating. Place the honey container in a hot water bath for some time to turn the crystals into liquid again before using.

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If you have any queries on our sustainability policy, feel free to reach out.

+44- 75 91 92 93 94

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